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Customer Loyalty Program Software for Retail Stores & Small Businesses

TikMe provides a robust customer loyalty solution and marketing platform to help retail stores boost engagement, sales, and profits. Our easy-to-use loyalty software has the tools you need to collect customer data, configure rewards and points, run targeted campaigns, and improve the brand online reputation.
Restaurant loyalty software can help restaurant owners to customize loyalty reward programs

Best Loyalty Platform for Customer Data Collection & Engagement

best loyalty platform for retail stores, grocery stores and small businesses

At the core of TikMe is our ability to build a loyal customer base, and leverage data to increase customer engagement through smarter marketing.

Our smart solution helps you to engage throughout the customer journey. Simple to create a customer, seamless interface to engage with campaigns, and customizable loyalty programs to delight the customers.

Using key details like contact info, purchase history, and preferences, you can push personalized communications and relevant offers that resonate. The more data, the better we can reward your best customers and attract more high-value shoppers.

Build Customer Loyalty with Points, Rewards & Referral Programs

The core of our system is providing customers incentives to engage, spend, and promote retail business through an advanced loyalty points program. Customers earn points automatically with purchases, reviews, and referrals. These points accumulate and unlock exciting rewards like discounts, gifts, premium access, and more customized offerings.

Our smart solution helps you to engage throughout the customer journey. Simple to create a customer, seamless interface to engage with campaigns, and customizable loyalty programs to delight the customers.

Ultimately, rewards encourage repeat customer visits, higher spending, and increased repeat purchases which will significantly increase the customer lifetime value. The happy clients also bring more referrals and promote your retail store via word-of-mouth and social sharing.

Rewarding your most loyal customers will make it easy to retain long-term, and cost-effective too. With TikMe’s advanced loyalty features, foster customer relationships that motivate your customers to keep coming back.
loyalty app to maximize customer loyalty and engagement

Easy to Use Customer Loyalty Solution with Inbuilt SMS Campaigns

send reward programs through sms campaign to loyal customers and increase repeat purchases

TikMe empowers you to instantly send promotions, coupons, store updates, and rewards to your customers directly via text messages. Effortlessly distribute discount codes during slow periods or announce major sales-driving traffic.

Leverage the analytics provided in the dashboard of our easy to use loyalty rewards platform to send personalized messages to maximize customer retention.

Our solution is flexible and easily configurable to assist you to know your customers better, define custom referral programs, and make changes to your campaign anytime.

You can define and send the details of program that rewards more for particular customers, also send polite reminders to use your attractive and engaging loyalty programs.

Smart Online Review System – More Positive Reviews – Increase New Customers

Earned online reviews are critical for reputation and search visibility. Use our customer loyalty platform that has an inbuilt smart online review system that will help you to get more positive Google reviews on your business profile.

TikMe makes review generation easy with email and SMS prompts to happy customers. This drives more 5-star ratings that build credibility and trust. More positive reviews mean a strong online reputation which helps you to get more new customers from organic search.
increase google reviews for business using tikme loyalty app

Instant Flyer Creation and Integration with Social Media to Grow Your Business

increase brand loyalty, loyal customer base, and customer retention using tikme loyalty management software

TikMe equips you to design custom flyers on-the-fly. Instead of waiting and paying a designer, instantly tailor flyers for any promotion or sale yourself.

Our editor is drag-and-drop simple with tons of professional templates and assets to incorporate. Create flyers in minutes to distribute in-store, email, text, or print. Change messaging anytime to adapt to what’s working based on real-time sales data.

Our solution is flexible and easily configurable to assist you to know your customers better, define custom referral programs, and make changes to your campaign anytime.

We are also working on TikMe Loyalty app to integrate with social media channels so that the dynamic flyer can be distributed in all the respective social media channels instantly.

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Our Happy Customers

Feedback from Retail Store Owners On TikMe Customer Loyalty Software

Nitesh Baba Bazar

TikMe Loyalty Platform is a great way to get customers to return and get them to shop more as they see incentives in it. I have so many customers joined and they are all returning customers. I really thank TikMe team for there wonderful support for campaigning my flyers to.

Siva The GrandView Supermarket

The loyalty incentive scheme has been well received by our clients. They enjoy receiving rewards for their purchases, which encourages them to make other purchases. Other than this, we are able to send text messages and flyers through this application. It is definitely helping us draw in customers. In addition, it is incredibly user-friendly and reasonably priced.

Rosa Gomez Presse Cafe

Great team to work with. They are always there to help with anything needed. Always respond immediately to any concerns. Great rewards for the customers. Will recommend 100%.

AI adoption: Best Loyalty Solution for Repeat Customers and Purchases

TikMe continuously works to add the latest technologies including AI to its loyalty management software solution to incentivize retail store owners.

The AI-powered Dynamic Flyer Creation feature is a milestone in the exciting journey of TikMe’s Artificial Intelligence journey.

AI-based dynamic flyer considers the geographical, seasonal, cultural, and environmental aspects and generate a list of items that customers may be interested in purchasing at that particular point in time.

The instant flyer creation feature will translate these recommendations into an attractive digital flyer. The retail store owners can send these dynamic flyers with a click, even they can reuse the flyer to upload in deals listing apps such as Flipp. Social media integration will help to share the AI-generated flyer across all social channels instantly.

This feature is a game changer and will help retail store owners take advantage of AI to increase promotions and sales without any additional human effort.

unique loyalty app with ai-driven features to make your brand stay on top of your customer mind

Not Able to Decide Yet On Our Loyalty App? Allow us to Help You!

If you are looking for the best loyalty software that perfectly fits your needs and increases your customer experience, look no further!

Try TikMe Retail loyalty program software that offers a lot more than just loyalty. Another important thing is our post-sale support and service, we are proud to say that our team offers the best customer support, and our customers’ testimonials from Canada and America prove it.

TikMe’s retail loyalty marketing solution helps you acquire new customers, build more customer loyalty and engagement, build brand loyalty, and achieve your business goals.

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